Black Widow Tarsal Gland Snap Caps 4pk.

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032 - The Tarsal Gland is arguably the most important gland to the deer and their communication!  The Tarsal Gland carries information about the deer, such as sexual dominance, and health conditions.  When a buck or doe rub their tarsal and urinate, called “rub urination”, that deer is leaving their calling card in the scrape.  Using tarsal gland from a buck in a scrape, tells the dominate buck in the area that there is a new guy in town!  Using Tarsal Gland secretions in a scrape could help bring that “Big Nocturnal Buck” out during the day to investigate.

To Use:  Insert one tarsal gland snap cap into center of scrape level with the ground, and open cap.  Be sure to use gloves, so not to leave human scent.  Refreshen often if scrape is active.

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